The Era of Music Handel Was Associated With

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) was a German-born composer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Baroque era. He is best known for his operas, oratorios, and concerti grossi, but he also wrote numerous other works in various musical genres. Handel’s music has been performed and recorded by many renowned musicians throughout the centuries.

Baroque Music

Handel’s music is generally classified as Baroque music, which was a style of European classical music that flourished from approximately 1600 to 1750. The Baroque period saw the emergence of new musical forms such as opera, cantata, oratorio, and concerto grosso. It was also a time when composers began to experiment with different textures and harmonies. Handel was one of the most influential composers of this era, and his works are still performed today.

Influence on Later Composers

Handel’s influence can be heard in the works of later composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms. His compositions have been adapted for use in films, television shows, and even video games. His influence on modern music is undeniable, and his legacy continues to live on through his timeless works.

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