A Group of Succubus

A succubus is a type of demon that appears in folklore and mythology. They are typically depicted as female entities that seduce men in their dreams, draining them of their life force. In some cases, they may even take on the form of a human woman to do so. So what do you call a group of these creatures?


The most common term for a group of succubi is a coven. A coven is defined as a gathering or assembly of witches or other practitioners of magic. This term has been used to describe groups of succubi since at least the 16th century. The term can also be used to refer to any group of supernatural beings, such as vampires or werewolves.


Another term that is sometimes used to describe a group of succubi is a horde. This term is usually used to refer to an unruly or chaotic group, and it implies that the group is large and powerful. It can also be used to describe any large group of supernatural creatures.

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