What Can Facebook Group Moderators See?

Facebook group moderators have access to a variety of tools that allow them to manage their group. They can see who is in the group, what posts are being made, and who is engaging with the content. They also have the ability to remove members, delete posts, and ban users from the group.

Group Member Information

Facebook group moderators can view information about each member of the group. This includes their name, profile picture, and any other information they have shared in their profile. Moderators can also see when a member joined the group and how often they post or comment.

Posts and Comments

Moderators can view all posts and comments made in the group. They can also see who posted or commented on each post. This allows them to monitor conversations and take action if necessary.

Group Settings

Facebook group moderators have access to the settings for their group. This includes things like who can join the group, what type of content is allowed, and how members are notified about new posts or comments.

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