Types of Music in Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour is an animated musical comedy film released in 2020. The movie follows the adventures of Poppy and Branch as they embark on a quest to unite the different troll tribes scattered across six different lands. Each land is home to a unique type of music, and the trolls must learn to appreciate each other’s music in order to save their world.

Six Different Types of Music

The six types of music featured in Trolls World Tour are Pop, Funk, Classical, Country, Techno, and Rock. Each type of music has its own distinct sound and style that reflects the culture of the trolls living in that particular land. For example, Pop music is upbeat and cheerful while Classical music is more serious and sophisticated.

The Power of Music

In Trolls World Tour, music plays an important role in uniting the different troll tribes. By learning to appreciate each other’s music, the trolls are able to come together and form a stronger bond. This shows how powerful music can be when it comes to bringing people together.

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