Fast Ball in Cricket

A fast ball is a type of delivery in cricket. It is bowled by a fast bowler, and is the fastest type of delivery that can be bowled. The ball is released with a lot of force, and it travels at speeds of up to 90 mph (145 km/h). Fast bowlers use this type of delivery to try and take wickets or put pressure on the batsman.

How Does a Fast Ball Work?

A fast ball is bowled by gripping the ball with two fingers on one side and three fingers on the other. The bowler then brings his arm back and releases the ball with a lot of force. This causes the ball to travel quickly towards the batsman, making it difficult for them to hit. The speed of the ball also makes it difficult for the batsman to judge where it will land.

What Are the Benefits of Bowling a Fast Ball?

The main benefit of bowling a fast ball is that it puts pressure on the batsman. It also gives the bowler an opportunity to take wickets, as it can be difficult for the batsman to make contact with such a fast delivery. Additionally, fast bowlers can use variations in their deliveries, such as slower balls or yorkers, which can confuse the batsman.

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