What to Yell When a Golf Ball is Going to Hit Someone

Golf is a sport that requires precision and accuracy, but sometimes even the most experienced golfers can misjudge their shots. If you are on the golf course and see that a ball is going to hit someone, it is important to yell something in order to alert them of the danger.

Yelling “Fore!”

The most common thing to yell when a golf ball is going to hit someone is “fore!”. This word is derived from the military term “before”, which was used as an alert for incoming artillery fire. In golf, it serves as a warning for people on the course that a ball may be headed their way. It is important to yell this word loudly and clearly so that everyone on the course can hear it.

Other Ways to Warn People

In addition to yelling “fore!”, there are other ways to warn people of an incoming golf ball. You can also shout “heads up!” or “watch out!” if you think someone may not have heard your initial warning. It is also helpful to point in the direction of where the ball is headed so that people can take evasive action if necessary.

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