How to Make Gel Balls Hurt More

Gel balls are a popular type of ammunition used in airsoft guns. They are made of a soft, gelatinous material that is designed to be safe for use in airsoft games. However, some players may want to make their gel balls hurt more when they hit their target. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Choose Harder Gel Balls

The hardness of the gel ball can have an effect on how much it hurts when it hits its target. Softer gel balls will not cause as much pain as harder ones. Look for gel balls that are labeled as “high impact” or “harder” and try them out to see if they provide the desired effect.

Increase the Velocity

Increasing the velocity of the gel ball can also make it hurt more when it hits its target. This can be done by using a higher-powered airsoft gun or by adjusting the hop-up system on your gun. Be sure to follow all safety precautions when increasing the velocity of your gel balls.

Use Heavier Gel Balls

Using heavier gel balls can also increase the amount of pain they cause when they hit their target. Heavier gel balls will have more mass and therefore more energy when they hit their target, resulting in more pain. Try different weights of gel balls to find one that provides the desired effect.

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