How to Get the Ball on a Septum Ring

Septum rings are a popular type of body jewelry that can be worn in the septum, which is the area between your nostrils. The most common type of septum ring is a horseshoe-shaped hoop with a ball at one end. To put this type of septum ring on, you need to get the ball through the hole in the center of the ring.

Step 1: Measure Your Septum

Before you buy a septum ring, it’s important to measure your septum so you know what size to get. You can do this by using a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string. Wrap it around your septum and mark where it overlaps. Then measure the length from one end to the other.

Step 2: Choose Your Ring

Once you know your septum size, you can choose a ring that fits. Most septum rings come in sizes ranging from 8mm to 16mm. Make sure to pick one that’s slightly larger than your measurement so it’s not too tight.

Step 3: Put On The Ring

To put on the ring, start by holding it up to your nose and lining up the ball with the hole in the center of the ring. Then, gently push the ball through until it’s on the other side. Once it’s in place, you can adjust it as needed for comfort.

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