How Often Are Balls Changed in a Tennis Match?

In professional tennis matches, the balls are changed every nine games. This is done to ensure that the balls remain in optimal condition throughout the match. The balls used in professional tennis matches are made of pressurized rubber and filled with air or nitrogen. Over time, the pressure inside the ball decreases, which affects its bounce and performance.

Why Are Balls Changed Every Nine Games?

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has set a standard for how often balls should be changed during a match. According to the ITF, new balls should be introduced after every nine games. This ensures that players have access to fresh balls that are still in good condition. It also helps to keep the playing conditions fair for both players.

What Happens if Balls Are Not Changed?

If balls are not changed regularly during a match, it can lead to an unfair advantage for one player over another. This is because older balls tend to lose their bounce and spin more quickly than newer ones. As a result, one player may have an advantage over the other due to the difference in ball quality.

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