How to Get the One Star Porunga in Dragon Ball

The One Star Porunga is a powerful wish-granting dragon from the popular anime series, Dragon Ball. He is one of the most sought-after characters in the series and can grant any wish that is within his power. In order to get the One Star Porunga, you must first collect all seven of the Dragon Balls.

Step 1: Collect All Seven Dragon Balls

The first step to getting the One Star Porunga is to collect all seven of the Dragon Balls. These magical orbs are scattered across the world and can only be found by searching for them. You will need to use your wits and skills to locate each one. Once you have collected all seven, you will be able to summon Porunga.

Step 2: Summon Porunga

Once you have collected all seven of the Dragon Balls, you can summon Porunga by saying “Come forth, Porunga!” This will cause him to appear before you and grant your wish. However, it should be noted that he can only grant one wish per summoning.

Step 3: Make Your Wish

Once Porunga has appeared, you must make your wish. Be sure to think carefully about what you want as this is your only chance to make a wish with him. After making your wish, Porunga will grant it and then disappear.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Wish

After making your wish with Porunga, enjoy whatever it is that he has granted you. Whether it’s wealth, power or something else entirely, make sure to take full advantage of it!

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