Should I Put an Airtag in My Suitcase?

An Airtag is a small device that can be attached to items like suitcases, wallets, and keys. It uses Bluetooth technology to help you locate your belongings if they ever get lost or stolen. With the rise of travel and the need for extra security, many people are wondering if they should put an Airtag in their suitcase.

Pros of Putting an Airtag in Your Suitcase

The main benefit of putting an Airtag in your suitcase is that it will make it easier to find if it ever gets lost or stolen. The Airtag will send out a signal that can be tracked by your phone or other devices, so you can quickly locate your bag. This can save you time and money if your bag ever goes missing.

Another benefit of having an Airtag in your suitcase is that it can act as a deterrent for thieves. If someone sees that your bag has an Airtag attached to it, they may think twice before trying to steal it.

Cons of Putting an Airtag in Your Suitcase

One potential downside of putting an Airtag in your suitcase is that it could be easily removed by a thief. If someone knows what they’re doing, they could take the Airtag off without you noticing. This means that while the Airtag may act as a deterrent, it won’t necessarily stop someone from stealing your bag.

Another potential issue with using an Airtag is that it requires batteries to work. This means you’ll have to remember to replace the batteries every few months or so, which can be inconvenient.


Whether or not you should put an Airtag in your suitcase depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you often travel with expensive items or are worried about losing your bag, then having an Airtag may be worth the investment. However, if you don’t think you’ll need the extra security, then it may not be necessary.

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