Piping Without a Piping Bag and Tip

Piping without a piping bag and tip is possible, but it requires some practice and patience. The most common way to pipe without a bag and tip is to use a plastic sandwich bag with the corner snipped off. This method works best for smaller items such as cupcake decorations or writing on cakes.

Steps for Piping Without a Piping Bag and Tip

1. Fill the plastic sandwich bag with your desired icing or frosting. Make sure to fill the bag only halfway so that you have room to twist the top of the bag closed.

2. Twist the top of the bag closed and squeeze out any excess air. You want to make sure that all of the icing is at one end of the bag.

3. Snip off one corner of the bag with scissors, making sure that you don’t cut too much off. The size of the hole will determine how thick or thin your lines will be.

4. Place your hand over the top of the bag and squeeze gently while moving your hand in a circular motion. This will help keep the pressure even as you pipe.

5. Start piping by pressing down on the bag with your thumb and forefinger while moving your hand in whatever pattern you desire.

6. When finished, release pressure from the bag and lift away from your work surface.

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