Why Did Lee Child Write With His Brother?

Lee Child is a best-selling author of the Jack Reacher series. He has written over 20 books in the series, and his books have been adapted into movies and television shows. In 2020, he decided to collaborate with his brother Andrew Grant on a new book, The Sentinel.

The collaboration between Lee and Andrew was an exciting one for fans of the Jack Reacher series. It was the first time that Lee had ever collaborated with another writer on a book. So why did he decide to write with his brother?

A Shared Passion for Writing

Lee and Andrew have always shared a passion for writing. They both grew up reading books and dreaming of becoming authors one day. When they were adults, they both pursued their dreams and became successful authors in their own right.

When Lee decided to collaborate on The Sentinel, he knew that Andrew would be the perfect partner. Not only did they share a passion for writing, but they also had similar styles and approaches to storytelling.

A Unique Opportunity

Collaborating with his brother also gave Lee a unique opportunity to explore new ideas and stories. By working together, they could create something that neither of them could have done alone. This allowed them to push each other creatively and come up with something truly special.

Writing with his brother also gave Lee the chance to bond with him in a way that he hadn’t before. They were able to spend more time together while working on the book, which strengthened their relationship even further.

A New Challenge

Finally, collaborating with his brother was a challenge for Lee. He had never worked with another writer before, so it was an exciting new experience for him. It pushed him out of his comfort zone and forced him to think differently about how he approached writing.

By collaborating with his brother, Lee was able to create something truly special that neither of them could have done alone. It was an exciting experience for both of them, and it resulted in a great book that fans are sure to love.

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