Who Adopted Catelynn Tyler’s Baby?

In 2009, Catelynn Tyler and her then-boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, made the difficult decision to place their daughter for adoption. The couple had been featured on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom OG, which documented their journey as they prepared to give up their baby girl.

The couple chose Brandon and Teresa Davis, a married couple from Michigan, to adopt their daughter. The Davises had two children of their own and were eager to expand their family. They had been trying to conceive for years but were unable to do so due to medical issues.

The Adoption Process

Catelynn and Tyler went through an open adoption process with the Davises. This meant that they were able to stay in contact with the adoptive parents and even visit their daughter on occasion. The couple has since gone on to have two more children together, both of whom they are raising themselves.

The Davises have also kept in touch with Catelynn and Tyler over the years. They have shared photos of their daughter growing up and even allowed her to meet her biological parents when she was old enough to understand the situation.

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