Where Do Baby Cats Come From?

Baby cats, or kittens, come from their mother cat. A female cat is able to reproduce when she reaches sexual maturity, which typically occurs between 4 and 6 months of age. After mating with a male cat, the female will become pregnant and carry her litter of kittens for approximately nine weeks before giving birth.

The Mating Process

When a female cat is in heat, she will attract males by vocalizing and releasing pheromones. The male cats will then compete for the opportunity to mate with her. During the mating process, the male cat will bite the back of the female’s neck to hold her in place while he ejaculates his sperm into her reproductive tract.

Gestation Period

Once the female has been impregnated, she will enter a gestation period that lasts an average of 63 days. During this time, she will gain weight as her body prepares for the upcoming birth. She may also begin to exhibit nesting behaviors such as searching for a safe place to give birth and gathering materials to build a nest.

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