What Size Does an 8 Month Old Baby Wear?

When it comes to clothing sizes for babies, the age of the baby is not always the best indicator of what size they should wear. Instead, it is important to consider their height and weight when selecting clothing for an 8 month old baby.

Height and Weight Guidelines

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average height and weight of an 8 month old baby is 68 cm (26.8 inches) and 7.9 kg (17.4 lbs). However, this can vary greatly depending on the individual baby’s genetics and overall health.

When shopping for clothes for an 8 month old baby, it is best to look for items that are labeled as being appropriate for babies between 24-27 inches in height and 16-20 pounds in weight. This will ensure that the clothing fits properly and comfortably.

Clothing Options

At 8 months old, babies typically wear clothing sizes ranging from 0-3 months up to 12-18 months. It is important to note that some brands may have slightly different sizing guidelines than others, so it is best to check the specific measurements of each item before purchasing.

In addition to traditional clothing items such as onesies, pants, and shirts, there are also a variety of other options available for 8 month old babies. These include sleepers, rompers, dresses, sweaters, jackets, and more.

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