What is Zoe Laverne’s Baby Name?

Zoe Laverne is a popular social media influencer and musician who recently welcomed her first child into the world. Fans of Zoe have been eagerly awaiting news of the baby’s name, and on April 28th, 2021, Zoe finally revealed that her daughter’s name is Dolly Mae.

The Meaning Behind Dolly Mae

The name Dolly Mae has special significance for Zoe and her family. It was chosen in honor of Zoe’s grandmother, whose middle name was Mae. The name also pays tribute to the iconic singer and actress Dolly Parton, who has been an inspiration to Zoe throughout her life.

Zoe shared a heartfelt message about the meaning behind her daughter’s name on Instagram, saying: “Dolly Mae is named after my grandmother whose middle name was Mae. She was such an amazing woman and I wanted to honor her memory by giving my daughter this beautiful name. It also pays homage to one of my biggest inspirations, Dolly Parton.”

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