What Does a Baby Capybara Look Like?

A baby capybara is an adorable, furry creature that looks like a cross between a guinea pig and a beaver. They are the largest rodent in the world, growing up to four feet long and weighing up to 140 pounds when fully grown. Baby capybaras are born with soft, brown fur and short legs. As they grow, their fur becomes thicker and darker, usually turning black or dark brown.


Baby capybaras are typically about 8-10 inches long at birth and weigh around 1-2 pounds. They grow quickly, reaching adult size within six months. At this point, they will be around 2-3 feet long and weigh up to 20 pounds.


Baby capybaras are very social animals and enjoy spending time with other capybaras. They also love to swim and can stay underwater for up to five minutes! They are herbivores, meaning they eat mostly plants such as grasses, fruits, and vegetables.

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