24 Months Old Baby

A baby at 24 months old is considered a toddler. At this age, they are usually walking and beginning to talk. They may be able to say a few words or even short sentences. They are also starting to explore their environment and learn new skills.

Physical Development

At 24 months old, babies are usually walking independently and may even be running. They can climb stairs with help and may be able to jump. Their fine motor skills are improving, allowing them to pick up small objects and use utensils for eating. Babies at this age may also be able to stack blocks or draw simple shapes.

Cognitive Development

Babies at 24 months old are learning more about the world around them. They understand basic instructions and can follow simple directions. They may also be able to recognize familiar people and objects. Babies at this age are beginning to understand cause-and-effect relationships and can remember simple routines.

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