How Many Pounds Does a Baby Have to Be to Leave the Hospital?

The amount of weight a baby needs to reach before they can leave the hospital varies depending on the individual baby and their health. Generally, babies need to weigh at least 5 pounds 8 ounces (2500 grams) before they are allowed to go home.

Factors That Affect When a Baby Can Leave the Hospital

In addition to reaching a certain weight, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration when determining when a baby is ready to leave the hospital. These include:

  • The baby’s overall health and development
  • Whether or not the baby is able to maintain their body temperature
  • Whether or not the baby is able to feed adequately
  • Whether or not the baby has any medical conditions that require further monitoring or treatment

These factors will all be taken into account by the doctor or midwife in charge of your care when deciding when it is safe for your baby to leave the hospital.

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