Did Addison Wingate Have a Baby?

Addison Wingate is a fictional character from the television series Grey’s Anatomy. She was introduced in season 14 as a new intern at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. While she had a brief relationship with fellow intern Levi Schmitt, it is unclear if they ever had a baby together.

Addison and Levi’s Relationship

Addison and Levi began dating in season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy. They were both interns at the hospital and quickly developed a strong connection. However, their relationship was short-lived due to Addison’s commitment to her career and Levi’s desire to pursue his own dreams. Despite their differences, they remained close friends.

Did Addison and Levi Have a Baby?

It is unclear if Addison and Levi ever had a baby together. While there were hints that they may have been considering starting a family, nothing was ever confirmed on the show. It is possible that they decided not to pursue parenthood or that they simply never got around to it.

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