Army Training

The Army trains people to become soldiers and officers. The training is rigorous and designed to prepare individuals for the physical and mental demands of military service. It includes basic combat training, advanced individual training, and specialized courses in a variety of fields.

Basic Combat Training

Basic combat training (BCT) is the first step in preparing new recruits for military service. It typically lasts 10 weeks and covers topics such as weapons handling, physical fitness, drill and ceremony, map reading, and other basic soldiering skills. BCT also includes field exercises that teach soldiers how to work together as a team.

Advanced Individual Training

Advanced individual training (AIT) is the next step after BCT. AIT focuses on teaching soldiers specific skills related to their job specialty. This can include medical training, engineering, communications, or any other specialty field. AIT typically lasts from four to six weeks.

Specialized Courses

In addition to BCT and AIT, the Army offers specialized courses for soldiers who need additional training in their field. These courses can range from a few days to several months in length and cover topics such as leadership development, language proficiency, or technical skills. Specialized courses are often required for promotion or assignment to certain positions.

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