Who Leads the Army of the Dead?

The Army of the Dead is a powerful force in the world of Game of Thrones. It is an army of reanimated corpses, led by the Night King, that serves as a major threat to Westeros and its inhabitants. The Night King is an ancient being who was created by the Children of the Forest to protect them from humans. He has been leading the Army of the Dead since its creation and is one of the most powerful beings in Westeros.

The Night King’s Powers

The Night King possesses a variety of supernatural powers, including necromancy, which allows him to raise and control the dead. He also has superhuman strength and speed, as well as an immunity to fire. He can also create ice dragons, which are powerful creatures that can breathe ice instead of fire.

The Night King’s Goals

The Night King’s ultimate goal is to bring an end to all life in Westeros. He believes that death is preferable to life, and he seeks to bring about a world where death reigns supreme. To achieve this goal, he leads his army of undead warriors in a relentless march across Westeros, destroying everything in their path.

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