When Do You Get a Pay Raise in the Army?

The United States Army offers its members a variety of pay raises throughout their careers. Depending on rank, experience, and other factors, soldiers may be eligible for a pay raise at any point during their service.

Annual Pay Raises

The most common type of pay raise is an annual pay raise. This is typically given to all enlisted personnel and officers each year. The amount of the raise varies depending on the soldier’s rank and years of service. Generally, the higher the rank and longer the service, the larger the raise.

Promotion Pay Raises

Soldiers who are promoted to a higher rank may also receive a pay raise. This is usually based on the new rank and any additional responsibilities that come with it. Promotion pay raises are typically larger than annual pay raises.

Specialty Pay Raises

In addition to promotion and annual pay raises, soldiers may also be eligible for specialty pay raises. These are typically given to soldiers who have specialized skills or training that are in high demand by the military. Examples include language proficiency, medical expertise, or technical knowledge.

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