The American Revolutionary Army

The American Revolutionary Army was the military force that fought for independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution. The Continental Army, as it was officially known, was formed in 1775 and disbanded in 1783 after the Treaty of Paris ended the war.

Organization of the American Revolutionary Army

The Continental Army was organized into regiments, brigades, divisions, and corps. Each regiment was composed of 10 companies of infantry or cavalry. Brigades were made up of three to five regiments, divisions were made up of two to four brigades, and corps were made up of two to four divisions. The Continental Army also included artillery units and engineers.

Leadership of the American Revolutionary Army

George Washington served as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army throughout the war. He was assisted by a number of generals including Nathanael Greene, Henry Knox, and Charles Lee. Washington also relied heavily on his staff officers such as Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens.

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