What is the Army ERB Form Number?

The Army ERB form number is a unique identifier assigned to each soldier in the United States Army. It is used to track and manage personnel records, including promotions, awards, and other important information. The ERB form number is also used to identify soldiers when they are deployed or on leave.

How Does the Army ERB Form Number Work?

The Army ERB form number consists of nine digits that are assigned to each soldier upon enlistment. The first two digits represent the soldier’s rank, while the remaining seven digits are randomly generated. This number is then used to track all of the soldier’s records throughout their military career.

The Army ERB form number can be found on a variety of documents, such as orders, evaluations, and awards. It is also printed on the soldier’s ID card and can be found in their personnel file. This number is essential for tracking a soldier’s progress and ensuring that they receive the proper recognition for their service.

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