Getting Kicked Out of the Army

The United States Army is a highly disciplined organization that expects its members to adhere to a strict code of conduct. As such, it is not easy to get kicked out of the Army. In order to be discharged from the Army, a service member must have committed a serious violation of military regulations or laws.

Reasons for Discharge

The most common reasons for discharge from the Army are misconduct, unsatisfactory performance, and drug abuse. Misconduct can include anything from insubordination to criminal activity. Unsatisfactory performance can refer to failure to meet physical fitness standards or failure to complete required training. Drug abuse is also grounds for discharge.

Consequences of Discharge

If a service member is discharged from the Army, they may face serious consequences. Depending on the reason for discharge, they may be ineligible for certain benefits such as veterans’ health care or educational assistance. They may also be barred from re-enlisting in the future. Additionally, their discharge status may affect their ability to find employment after leaving the military.

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