How Often Does the Army Do PT?

Physical Training (PT) is an important part of life in the military. It helps to keep soldiers fit and ready for any physical challenges they may face while on duty. The frequency of PT sessions varies depending on the branch of service, but typically soldiers are expected to participate in some form of physical activity at least three times a week.

Army Physical Training Requirements

The U.S. Army requires all active-duty personnel to participate in physical training at least three days per week. This includes both aerobic and strength-training exercises, as well as stretching and flexibility drills. The Army also recommends that soldiers engage in additional physical activities such as running, swimming, or playing sports outside of their regular PT sessions.

Reserve Component Physical Training Requirements

The Reserve Components of the U.S. Armed Forces have slightly different requirements for physical training than those of the active-duty Army. Reservists are required to participate in physical training at least two days per week, with one day devoted to aerobic exercise and one day devoted to strength training. Additionally, reservists must complete an annual fitness test.

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