How to Put Your Hair in an Army Bun

An army bun is a classic hairstyle that is both practical and stylish. It’s perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while still looking put together. Here’s how to put your hair in an army bun:

Step 1: Gather Your Hair

Start by gathering all of your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure it with an elastic band.

Step 2: Twist the Ponytail

Twist the ponytail until it starts to coil around itself. Keep twisting until you reach the end of the ponytail.

Step 3: Wrap the Bun

Wrap the twisted ponytail around itself, creating a bun shape. Secure it with bobby pins or another elastic band.

Step 4: Finish the Look

Finish off the look by tucking any loose strands of hair into the bun and spraying with hairspray for extra hold.

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