Diversity in the British Army

The British Army is one of the most diverse organisations in the UK, with people from all backgrounds and walks of life serving together. The army has a long history of recruiting from different ethnicities, religions and genders, and this diversity is reflected in its ranks today.


The British Army is made up of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. According to the Ministry of Defence, around 10% of personnel are from minority ethnic backgrounds. This includes people from African, Caribbean, Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds.


The British Army also has a diverse range of religious beliefs among its personnel. Around 8% of personnel identify as Muslim, while other faiths such as Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism are also represented. The army has taken steps to ensure that all personnel can practice their faith without discrimination or prejudice.


In 2016, the British Army opened up all roles to women for the first time. Since then, the number of female personnel has grown steadily and now makes up around 10% of the total force. The army has also taken steps to ensure that women are treated equally and have access to the same opportunities as men.

Overall, the British Army is an incredibly diverse organisation that reflects the multicultural nature of modern Britain. By embracing diversity, it ensures that everyone can serve their country regardless of their background or beliefs.

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