Does the Russian Army Still Use Steel Ammo?

The Russian army has been using steel ammunition for many years, but in recent years they have begun to transition away from it. Steel ammo is still used in some cases, such as for training and target practice, but it is no longer the primary type of ammunition used by the Russian military.

Advantages of Steel Ammo

Steel ammo has several advantages over other types of ammunition. It is cheaper to produce than brass or aluminum, and it is also more durable and reliable. Steel ammo can also be reloaded multiple times, making it a cost-effective choice for those who need to fire a lot of rounds.

Disadvantages of Steel Ammo

The main disadvantage of steel ammo is that it is heavier than other types of ammunition. This makes it more difficult to carry and transport, which can be an issue for soldiers on the battlefield. Additionally, steel ammo tends to be less accurate than other types of ammunition due to its weight and shape.


The Russian army still uses steel ammo in some cases, but it is no longer their primary type of ammunition. While steel ammo has some advantages over other types of ammunition, its weight and accuracy issues make it less desirable for most military applications. As such, the Russian army has begun transitioning away from steel ammo in favor of lighter and more accurate alternatives.

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