Does the Army Skydive?

The short answer is yes, the army does skydive. The United States Army has a long history of using parachutes for military operations, and skydiving is an important part of that tradition. The Army uses skydiving to train soldiers in airborne operations, as well as for recreational activities.

History of Skydiving in the Army

The first recorded use of parachutes by the U.S. Army was during World War I, when they were used to drop supplies to troops on the ground. During World War II, paratroopers were used extensively in combat operations, and skydiving became an important part of military training. After the war, the Army continued to use parachutes for training and recreational purposes.

Modern Use of Skydiving in the Army

Today, skydiving is still an important part of military training. Paratroopers are trained to jump from aircraft at high altitudes and land safely on the ground. The Army also uses skydiving for recreational activities such as tandem jumps and freefalling competitions. In addition, some units use skydiving as a team-building exercise.

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