How to Tell if Your Arms Are Growing

If you’re trying to build muscle in your arms, it can be difficult to tell if your efforts are paying off. While the scale may not always reflect changes in your arm size, there are other ways to measure progress. Here are a few tips on how to tell if your arms are growing.

Measure Your Arms

One of the most accurate ways to track your arm growth is by measuring them with a tape measure. Measure around the widest part of each arm and record the measurements. Then, after a few weeks of training, measure again and compare the results. If you’ve gained an inch or two, then you know that your arms are growing.

Check Your Strength

Another way to tell if your arms are growing is by testing your strength. Try doing some bicep curls or tricep extensions with weights that you’re comfortable with. After a few weeks, try increasing the weight and see if you can still do the same number of reps. If you can lift more weight than before, then it’s likely that your arms have grown stronger.

Look in the Mirror

Finally, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do you notice any changes in the shape or size of your arms? If so, then it’s likely that they’ve grown bigger. Keep in mind that this method isn’t as reliable as measuring or testing strength since our perception of our own bodies can be distorted.

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