Measuring Your Right Arm

Knowing the size of your right arm can be important for a variety of reasons, such as when you are buying clothing or measuring for medical purposes. Measuring your right arm is a simple process that only requires a few basic tools.

What You’ll Need

To measure your right arm, you will need a flexible measuring tape, a pen and paper to record the measurements, and someone to help you if needed. It is also helpful to have a mirror so that you can check the accuracy of your measurements.

Steps for Measuring Your Right Arm

1. Start by standing in front of the mirror with your arms at your sides. Make sure that your arms are relaxed and not tensed up.

2. Place the end of the measuring tape at the top of your shoulder, near where it meets your neck. Wrap the tape around your arm until it reaches the same spot on the other side.

3. Record the measurement on paper and then repeat this process for each part of your arm: bicep, forearm, wrist, and elbow. Make sure to keep track of which measurement belongs to which part of your arm.

4. Once you have taken all of the measurements, add them together to get an overall measurement for your right arm.

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