Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arms in His Prime

Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for his impressive physique, and his arms were no exception. In his prime, Arnold Schwarzenegger had some of the most impressive arms in bodybuilding history.

Size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arms

At the peak of his career, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms measured an impressive 22 inches around. This was achieved through a combination of intense training and strict dieting. He was also known to use steroids to help him achieve this size.

Training Regimen

In order to maintain such impressive arm size, Arnold Schwarzenegger followed a rigorous training regimen. He would typically train his arms three times per week with heavy weights and high reps. He would also do a variety of isolation exercises such as curls and triceps extensions to target specific muscles.


In addition to his intense training regimen, Arnold Schwarzenegger also followed a strict diet. He ate a high-protein diet that included plenty of lean meats, eggs, and dairy products. He also supplemented with protein shakes and other supplements to ensure he was getting enough nutrients for muscle growth.

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