Does Chisaki Get His Arms Back?

Chisaki is a character from the popular manga and anime series, My Hero Academia. He is a villain who has lost his arms due to an accident. This has left him unable to use his Quirk, which is the ability to manipulate water.

What Happens To Chisaki’s Arms?

In the story, Chisaki undergoes surgery to have prosthetic arms implanted. These prosthetics are made of a special material that allows him to use his Quirk again. However, he still struggles with using them as they are not as powerful as his original arms were.

Does Chisaki Get His Arms Back?

Unfortunately, Chisaki does not get his original arms back. Despite undergoing surgery and having prosthetics implanted, he is still unable to use his Quirk at full power. He must learn how to control and use his new arms in order to be able to fight effectively.

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