Did All Might Lose His Arm?

All Might is a beloved superhero from the popular anime series My Hero Academia. He is known for his incredible strength and courage, but one of the most iconic aspects of his character is his muscular physique. Fans have been wondering if All Might ever lost an arm in the show.

The Answer

The answer is no, All Might has not lost an arm in the show. While he does suffer some injuries throughout the series, none of them are severe enough to cause him to lose an arm. In fact, All Might’s arms remain intact throughout the entire series, even after facing off against powerful villains like All For One.

Why It Matters

All Might’s arms are an important part of his character and represent his strength and power. Losing an arm would be a major setback for him and could potentially weaken him significantly. Thankfully, this never happens and All Might remains as strong as ever throughout the series.

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