What is the Real Name of the Adams Apple?

The Adams apple, also known as the laryngeal prominence, is a lump of cartilage located at the front of the neck. It is named after the biblical figure Adam, who was said to have had a similar protrusion on his neck. The Adams apple is more prominent in males than in females and is usually visible when a person speaks or swallows.

Why is it Called an Adams Apple?

The term “Adams apple” originated from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. According to the Bible, when God gave Adam the forbidden fruit, he swallowed it with such force that it caused a lump to appear on his throat. This lump became known as the “Adams apple”.

What Does an Adams Apple Do?

The Adams apple serves several important functions. It helps protect the vocal cords from damage due to excessive strain or pressure. It also helps regulate airflow during speech and swallowing. Finally, it provides support for the muscles used in speaking and swallowing.

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