What is the Correct Anatomical Name for the Adams Apple?

The Adams apple, also known as the laryngeal prominence, is a lump of cartilage located at the front of the neck. It is more prominent in males than females and is named after the biblical figure Adam. The correct anatomical name for the Adams apple is the thyroid cartilage.

Anatomy of the Thyroid Cartilage

The thyroid cartilage is part of the larynx, or voice box. It is made up of two plates of hyaline cartilage that form an inverted V-shape. The apex of this V-shape is called the laryngeal prominence, or Adams apple. This structure helps to protect and support the vocal cords and other structures within the larynx.

Function of the Thyroid Cartilage

The thyroid cartilage plays an important role in speech production. It helps to control airflow through the larynx by opening and closing during inhalation and exhalation. Additionally, it helps to shape sound waves as they pass through the vocal cords, allowing us to produce different sounds and tones when speaking.

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