What is an Adam’s Apple?

An Adam’s apple, also known as a laryngeal prominence, is a lump of cartilage located at the front of the neck. It is more prominent in males than females and is a feature of the human voice box.

How Many Bumps on an Adam’s Apple?

The Adam’s apple typically has one bump, although some people may have two bumps. The single bump is usually located in the center of the throat and can be felt when swallowing or speaking. In rare cases, there may be two bumps on either side of the throat.

Why Do Some People Have Two Bumps?

Having two bumps on the Adam’s apple is not necessarily a cause for concern. It could simply be due to genetics or variations in anatomy. However, if you notice any changes in size or shape of your Adam’s apple, it is important to consult with your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

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