Overview of the Movie Ants

Ants is a 1998 American animated adventure comedy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Buena Vista Pictures. The film follows the story of an ant named Z, who is determined to become a warrior and save his colony from the evil grasshoppers.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Z, an ant living in an anthill in the middle of a meadow. He dreams of becoming a warrior and protecting his colony from the grasshoppers that threaten them. When he finally gets his chance, he embarks on a journey to find help from other insects and animals. Along the way, he meets up with other ants, as well as a caterpillar, a spider, and even a flea. Together they must battle against the grasshoppers and their leader, Hopper. In the end, Z and his friends are able to save the colony from destruction.


Ants is an entertaining movie for both children and adults alike. It has great animation, memorable characters, and an exciting story that will keep viewers engaged throughout its entirety. With its positive messages about friendship and courage, it’s sure to be enjoyed by all ages.

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