What is the Home of an Ant Called?

The home of an ant is called a nest. An ant nest can be found in many different places, including underground, in trees, and even inside walls. Ants build their nests using soil, sand, and other materials they find in their environment.

Types of Ant Nests

There are two main types of ant nests: subterranean and aerial. Subterranean nests are built underground and are usually made up of tunnels and chambers. Aerial nests are built above ground and can be found in trees or on buildings. Some ants also build nests inside walls.

Building an Ant Nest

Ants use their mandibles to dig tunnels and chambers for their nests. They also use saliva to bind together pieces of soil and sand to form walls. Once the nest is complete, the ants will lay eggs and care for their young until they reach adulthood.

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