What Do Cow Ants Eat?

Cow ants, also known as bovine ants, are a species of ant found in Australia and New Zealand. They are known for their large size and aggressive behavior. These ants feed on a variety of food sources, including other insects, small mammals, and even plant material.


Cow ants primarily feed on other insects, such as flies, beetles, caterpillars, and aphids. They will also scavenge for dead insects or larvae that they can find. Cow ants have been observed to hunt in groups, with one ant leading the way while the others follow behind.

Small Mammals

Cow ants have also been known to feed on small mammals such as mice and rats. They will typically attack these animals when they are sleeping or otherwise vulnerable. Cow ants have powerful mandibles that allow them to easily penetrate the skin of their prey.

Plant Material

Cow ants will also feed on plant material such as fruits and vegetables. They are particularly fond of sweet fruits like apples and oranges. Cow ants will also eat seeds and nuts if they can find them.

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