How Long Do Odorous House Ants Live?

Odorous house ants are a common species of ant found in many parts of the world. They are known for their unpleasant smell when crushed, which is why they are often referred to as “stink ants”. These ants can be a nuisance in homes and gardens, but how long do they live?

Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of an odorous house ant is about one year. However, some colonies may have queens that can live up to three years. The worker ants typically only live for a few months.

Factors That Affect Lifespan

The lifespan of an odorous house ant can be affected by several factors, including environmental conditions, food availability, and predation. In areas with colder climates, the ants may not survive as long due to the cold temperatures. If food is scarce, the ants may not live as long either. Finally, if there are predators in the area such as birds or other insects, the ants may not survive as long either.

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