Killing Ants Without Pesticides

Ants can be a nuisance in the home, but using pesticides to get rid of them is not always the best solution. There are several ways to kill ants without using pesticides that are safe and effective.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a natural substance that is toxic to ants. It can be used as an ant killer by mixing it with sugar or honey and placing it near ant trails or nests. The ants will be attracted to the sweet mixture and ingest the boric acid, which will kill them. Boric acid is safe for humans and pets, but should be kept away from children.

Boiling Water

Boiling water can be used to kill ants on contact. Pour boiling water directly onto ant trails or nests to instantly kill any ants in the area. This method is effective but may require multiple applications if there are multiple trails or nests.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a powder made from fossilized algae that kills insects by dehydrating them. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around ant trails or nests and it will act as a barrier that the ants cannot cross. The powder will also stick to their bodies and cause them to dehydrate and die.

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