Do Ants Kill Flies?

Ants are known for their industriousness and their ability to work together as a team. But do they also have the capacity to kill flies? The answer is yes, ants can and do kill flies.

How Do Ants Kill Flies?

Ants use a variety of methods to kill flies. Some species of ants will bite the fly, while others will sting it with their venomous stinger. Other ants may even use their mandibles to crush the fly’s body. In some cases, ants may even carry the fly away and feed it to their larvae.

Why Do Ants Kill Flies?

Ants typically kill flies for food or to protect their colony from potential threats. Flies can carry diseases that could be harmful to an ant colony, so killing them helps keep the colony safe. Additionally, ants need protein in order to survive, and flies provide a convenient source of nutrition.

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