What is Caster Angle?

Caster angle is the angle between the steering axis and a vertical line when viewed from the side of the vehicle. It is measured in degrees and is typically found on front-wheel drive vehicles. The caster angle affects how the vehicle handles, as it determines how much force is needed to turn the wheels.

How to Calculate Caster Angle

To calculate caster angle, you will need to measure the distance between two points on the steering axis. The first point should be at the center of the wheel hub, and the second point should be at the center of the upper ball joint. Once these measurements are taken, you can use a simple formula to calculate caster angle:

Caster Angle = (Distance Between Points / Wheelbase) x 180

The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear axles of your vehicle. This measurement can usually be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or online.

Once you have calculated your caster angle, you can compare it to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended settings. If your caster angle is too high or too low, you may need to adjust it for optimal performance.

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