Alpaca vs Llama: Which Spits More?

When it comes to alpacas and llamas, one of the most common questions asked is which one spits more? While both animals are known for their spitting behavior, there are some key differences between them that can help you determine which one is more likely to spit.

Alpaca Spitting Behavior

Alpacas are generally considered to be less aggressive than llamas and therefore less likely to spit. They will usually only spit when they feel threatened or uncomfortable. Alpacas tend to be more docile and friendly, so they are less likely to resort to spitting as a form of defense. However, if an alpaca does feel threatened, it may still spit in order to protect itself.

Llama Spitting Behavior

Llamas are known for being more aggressive than alpacas and therefore more likely to spit. They will often spit at other animals or people who come too close or make them feel uncomfortable. Llamas also have a tendency to be territorial and may even try to establish dominance over other animals by spitting at them.


In conclusion, llamas are generally considered to be more likely to spit than alpacas. While both animals can become aggressive and resort to spitting as a form of defense, llamas tend to be more territorial and aggressive in nature, making them more prone to this behavior. Therefore, if you’re looking for an animal that is less likely to spit, an alpaca might be the better choice.

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