What is Alpaca Day?

Alpaca Day is an annual celebration of alpacas, the adorable and fluffy animals native to South America. It is celebrated on the first Saturday in June each year. The day was created to raise awareness about alpacas and their importance in the world.

History of Alpaca Day

Alpaca Day was first celebrated in 2018 by the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). The organization wanted to create a special day to honor these animals and bring attention to their unique characteristics. Since then, Alpaca Day has become an international event with people from all over the world celebrating it.

How to Celebrate Alpaca Day

There are many ways to celebrate Alpaca Day. You can visit your local alpaca farm or petting zoo, take part in an alpaca-themed event, or simply share pictures and stories about alpacas on social media. You can also donate to organizations that help protect alpacas and their habitats.

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