How Do Alpacas Move?

Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camelid, closely related to llamas and vicuñas. They are known for their unique gait, which is a combination of walking and hopping.

The Alpaca Gait

Alpacas move in a unique way that is different from other animals. When they walk, they use a four-beat gait, meaning that all four feet hit the ground at the same time. This gives them an unusual hopping motion as they move forward.

Speed and Endurance

Alpacas can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour when running, but they usually prefer to walk or trot at a much slower pace. They have great endurance and can travel long distances without tiring.


Alpacas are highly adaptable animals and can adjust their gait depending on the terrain they are walking on. On flat surfaces, they will usually walk or trot, while on steep slopes or rocky terrain, they will switch to a two-beat gait where only two feet hit the ground at once. This helps them maintain balance and stability while navigating difficult terrain.

Overall, alpacas have an interesting way of moving that is both efficient and graceful. Their unique gait allows them to traverse a variety of terrains with ease, making them well-suited for life in the Andes Mountains.

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